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Our digital heroes take pride in seeing businesses grow. Together we continue to discover and push the digital boundaries. That’s what makes us tick.

Meet our team

Our GO-getters

Digital Strategist Bart Ensink

Passionate about building a future proof foundation of people who can exceed the expectations of our clients. Driven by creating the best organizational work environment in which my colleagues can be the best version of themselves! 06 21 88 56 49
HR Business Partner Bas Knikhuis

Technical mix of part projectmanager, part frontend developer, a dash of data analysis and a trickle of troubleshooting topped of with a whole lot of awesome. Best served with a cup of coffee in my hand. 06 14 98 31 12
Projectmanager Digital | Tech Ben van den Tooren

A creative perfectionist who loves to organise. Always ready to face challenges and help my colleagues 06 14 42 73 23
Office Manager Britt Kienhuis

Passionate about working for great companies! Uncovering their business, market and insights and use digital as key to help our client’s business perform better. Together with a team of experts contribute leadership and experience to our clients and their team. 06 34 97 59 99
Account Director Doreen Tijdhof

A creative mind with a passion for digital. I like to optimize and automate processes so that companies can take their business a step further!
Marketing Automation Expert Jelle Scholten

Working together for the desired result is what I stand for. Together with me, determine how you use digital to achieve your business goals! 06 10 62 25 15
Lead Business Development Jon Scherphof
Data Technology Consultant Marc Lohuis

Organising, connecting, helping people develop, all of this with one aim: let our client's business perform better. That's what gives me energy! 06 12 54 94 39
Account Director Marije ten Vergert

On a mission to build an independent, future proof performance by offering next level digital partnerships. Serving our digital heroes so they can enable our customers to peak & GrOw. 06 24 12 12 34
Managing Director Nienke Bruggeman

Providing the right management information to both the customer teams and the organization, with the aim of guaranteeing the continuity of our services 06 13 38 36 11
Business Controller Onno Scheuten
Data & Business Strategist Randy Rosink

Driven to align business & IT and add structure towards projects. Aspire to perfection and leading team members directly towards your goal is my thing. 06 14 98 31 06
Projectmanager Digital | Data Renee Snelting

As the captain on project-ships I'll make sure the wind blows directly in the sails so we can go places. Even in stormy conditions I'll keep technics understandable and keep an eye on the horizon to make sure goals are reached! 06 14 30 01 59
Projectmanager Digital | Tech Sabrina Drosten

Translating big data to new and smart insights by using different analyzing techniques, such as predictive modeling, fascinates me. 06 18 20 36 81
Data Analyst Sterre Peters

Fact checker, fond of processes and integrating workflows. I'm all in when it comes to optimizations, automation and bringing order in to the chaos, with some chocolate here and there. 06 14 42 73 28
Projectmanager Digital Tom Baake

Helping companies with kick-ass strategies and roadmaps that will really make them grow is why I get out of bed every morning. All the while looking beyond the horizon for 'what's next'. 06 28 29 07 88
Digital Strategist Vera Engelbertink

Contribute to a better organization by striving for reliability, completeness and efficiency within finance. 06 22 49 93 49
Assistent Controller Wout Sanderink

Translation from complex data to clear solutions, by user-centered thinking. 06 10 84 44 70
Projectmanager Digital | UX Yoline Sprinkhuizen