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2018, 04, 16

Loraine Nijhuis

Every time I visit an event I am surprised to see there are still many (mostly large) companies, that haven’t fully digitally transformed.

Reasons I hear the most: transformation is hard, it involves long processes and a decent amount of budget. All is true, of course, but it is never as hard as you think it would be. Think about what would happen to your business if you would not digitally transform it?

A few weeks ago I visited an event and was inspired by the transforming journey of Marktplaats. They were able to fully organize their transformation internally. Breaking down traditional silo’s and creating (get your Bingo cards out!) multidisciplinary teams. In our ever changing digital world, it is important to have a similar state of mind as Marktplaats. But it can be a struggle trying to solve this puzzle internally.

Whenever I explain what it is we do at Green Orange, I like to share a similar story. We are Digital Transformers. We enable you to flourish and pluck the fruits of your companies hard work without worrying about traditional silo’s disrupting progress. We deliver your strategic roadmap in a form of plans, solutions and measurable results.

How we do this?
You could say we are all strong, independent individuals on a mission. We are passionate about innovation, data, tech and marketing, but most of all we get our kicks from transforming companies. We’ll put all important individuals at the same table to support the same vision and strategy the company needs. Instead of letting you fix it from there we partner up, share, teach and develop whatever it is your company needs. I literally mean anything it needs...

If the goal is to automate your internal processes so your employees or processes can function better, we build you a state of the art process, with the right techniques at its core.

If the goal is to thrive better data driven marketing, we connect, analyze and teach you how to use valuable insights that help you convert at higher percentages or predict churn and hand you sufficient retention strategies.

Do you really, deeply want to understand your customer - what thrives them, what is close to their heart? Together, we dive into your data, your companies history, get you in touch with our best Scientists and Digital Psychologists and Experts to show you the right way to go and be as relevant as you can be for your customer!

Transforming your company - let’s GO!
Transformation does not need to be a hard process, instead it should be a natural process. Where you can use any expertise you need. Transforming your business will make you a champion in your league. It offers you the opportunity to perform both internally and externally. Using valuable insights to leverage every step you take in the process gathering results to keep the board and all colleagues involved and on track. Not transforming is not an option. You need to be in pass in the era of digital innovation. Missing out could turn you in the next Kodak!

At Green Orange we have a lot of stories to share. As broad as it can get, from optimizing BP’s internal fuel card application processes, to preventing misfueling at the airport for AirBP by smart connections and decent technology. From delivering highly valuable insights for Siemens and Quality Wellness Resorts to performing data driven marketing both at the customer journey end and the churn prediction end. We make you top of your league. That is what thrives us! Get the experts on board and #letsgo!

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