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2019, 01, 06

Gijs oude Munnink

Goal! 11-0! That means you have to crawl again… With loud cheers from my co-workers Marc and Koen, I take my loss and crawl under the foosball table while smiling. Despite the defeat I took the bus with a smile on my face. I will defeat them someday!

The first day of my internship at Green Orange is over and I can look back on this day with a good feeling. Nice co-workers, a cool place to work and besides all the hard work there is still room for fun. I feel just at home here.

My first acquaintance
As with any college student, the moment finally came: a full-time internship for six months. Something different than the 15 hours of contact at my college. The importance of an educational and fun internship were clear to me. I came in contact with Green Orange via LinkedIn and soon after that we sat together with a cup of coffee to discuss the possibilities. The informal atmosphere was immediately noticeable during my first meeting and it became clear that there were some great HR challenges and a graduation assignment waiting for me. I had made the choice for myself: I want an internship here. Fortunately this feeling was mutual and I could start in September.

My work
During my internship, I was fully included in all aspects of the HR field. This included job interviews, drawing up vacancies and some administrative activities. With my internship supervisor Bas (HR Business Partner) I was able to organize my own internship which allowed me to do a lot of things I personally enjoyed doing. For example, I helped set up an onboarding project for new employees, implemented a 360-degree feedback tool called TruQu and organised workshops for student associations. Thanks to the level of expertise within the organization and the personal guidance of the supervisors you are able to learn a lot in a short period of time.

As you have probably already noticed in the paragraphs above, Green Orange has a nice and informal atmosphere. Outside of working hours, plenty of activities are organized. For example, at the end of a busy but successful period last week, a party was organized at our co-worker Piet’s house. There is also an annual and very prestigious table football tournament, in February we all go to carnaval in Tubbergen, there are regular ‘curry sausage lunches’ and we have a drink every friday afternoon before the weekend.

And now, in May. More than a half year later.

Tik-tik-tik.. Goaal!! 11-0. Another deafening cheer can be heard throughout the entire office and I can see the happy look in the faces of my co-workers Marc and Koen again.. There are some things that you just can’t learn during your internship..

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