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Interview Sterre

2019, 01, 22

Sterre Peters

I am Sterre and working at Green Orange for over a year now. As a Data Analyst at Green Orange my job is to find solutions for the data challenges for our clients. An issue could be a segmentation analysis, or develop a predictive model to predict customer behavior.

I also focus on online marketing performance, such as measuring and monitoring various campaigns and converting results to insights that can be taken in account for the next campaign. Besides my work, I also like a nice cup of cappuccino, going into town for a glass of wine, traveling and supporting FC Twente during a home match.

I get a kick out of applying analysis techniques that I have learned during my study in practice. The whole process, from data cleaning and designing models to the presentation of the final results, is very interesting to me. Especially if it yields a positive result, of course.

At Green Orange I get a lot of freedom to develop myself. On one hand I get a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to carry out many projects by myself, on the other hand I can always depend on my colleagues to ask questions and offer assistance when needed.

I learned a lot in the past year. Translating an end product in an comprehensible way to our clients is something I had no experience with, this is also one of the most difficult things in my profession. The visualisation of data insights, which gives added value to the customer, is something I have been able to grow in at Green Orange. In addition, it is very important to show the customers which insights you can offer and also to manage expectations. This can be achieved by for example creating a mockup of a dashboard or just asking the right questions during a KPI session in order to create clear expectations.

That makes the time fly and work never boring!

My job at Green Orange is challenging because you work in various client teams, so every day is different. I am involved in various projects ranging from online marketing to data projects, where many different tools are used. The clients are also very different, on one hand we are working for B2B customers and on the other hand for clients in the B2C sector. This makes the time fly and work never boring.

Besides work there is also time for fun! One of my favorite memories so far is the annual weekend trip with my coworkers! The atmosphere was great and you get to know everyone well, even the colleagues you don’t speak to very often during working hours.

Green Orange is a very pleasant environment to work. For me, it took some getting used to the freedom I received, but this is a very cool workplace if you are proactive and independent. You get a lot of responsibilities, you can contribute to projects in your own way and there is room to develop yourself, for example through training. In addition, we have lunch together every day (no need to bring your own sandwiches) and a lot of fun activities are organised!

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