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Interview Jelle

2019, 01, 24

Jelle Scholten

In September 2017 I started as an intern at Green Orange, as part of my Bachelor Communication Science at the UT. The focus of my internship was mainly on email marketing but I was also able to dive into other facets of digital.

After my internship I continued as an on-call worker, mainly to continue to support colleagues and customers with email marketing. During my internship and in my time as an on-call worker, I have been able to gain more insight into Marketing Automation, which has led me to be responsible for most projects within Green Orange in the field of email marketing and Marketing Automation. I really enjoy being fully involved in a project and making sure that our clients achieve their goals in the end.

In addition to my Master Communication Studies at the University of Twente, I work two days a week at GO. Some weeks are busier than others, so I have to make sure that I plan everything well. Green Orange is a nice employer to have in cases like this. I am quite flexible towards my colleagues and I regularly work for an hour or so outside of the office, but I also get this flexibility from my colleagues. For example, when I have exams, they do not mind if I am not able to work as much.

My work as an employee and as an intern gave me the opportunity to learn a lot on a professional and personal level. This allows me to apply the theoretical competencies that I have learned during my study in practice. I would recommend any student to do an internship and/or to work at a company in the direction they want to work in later.

My work as an employee and as an intern gave me the opportunity to learn a lot on a professional and personal level.

I have gained a lot of relevant experience about the marketing profession. I also discovered which things I would like to do later, but also which things I would not want to do later. In addition, I have been able to develop a professional attitude towards customers and other parties and have learned to play foosball. ;)

My best memory at Green Orange is the weekend in Willingen in 2018. It’s like being on holiday with a group of friends. It was a weekend full of awesome activities we did together.

What my future colleagues need to know is that Green Orange is a very dynamic company with young people. The dynamic part of this really appeals to me. One minute you’re working for one client, and the next moment you could be working on something that comes up for another client. In addition, the atmosphere at the office is always good and also outside working hours many activities are organised for and by the staff.

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