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Interview Doreen

2019, 01, 25

Doreen Tijdhof

In my role as Account Director I am responsible for a number of accounts and I am also part of the MT. Achieving good results for customers and Green Orange is something that really keeps me going.

I currently work for Quality Wellness Resorts, Future Crops and Spotta. In the past I have worked for BP Cards, AirBP, Siemens, FreeBees, Topicus and Leen Bakker.

As an Account Director my team and I have the responsibility to achieve the desired results for our clients. Discovering what the client wants, how we can get there together and what the best way is to help them. It is important to maintain a good relationship and gain the client’s trust in me and in Green Orange. I am also responsible for the satisfaction within our teams, which is very important. The people at Green Orange are our most important asset. They possess a lot of knowledge and experience. We ensure that our team is doing the right things and that they are valued for what they do. We also make sure that they work for clients where they can use their knowledge to its fullest potential.

It is a great challenge to get to know the customer well and to find out what the best way is to help them with their challenge. We come up with a solution for a problem and after that we provide an approach that fits best with the needs and wishes of the customer. We don’t offer fixed products, we offer them a customized solution. That’s what makes it a lot of fun and challenging.

We are constantly working on the best solution for the customer.

Usually we start with a specific request from the client. The need for a new website for example. By creating a new website we provide them a means to achieve their end goal. The website itself is not the end goal. Starting from a solution, the challenge is to continuously help the customer and make them see that we have a broader focus on making their business perform better. I consider it a great success when we take the role as a strategic partner for our client. This way we are able to deliver the most added value in the right direction for a customer, but also help with the execution.

Having fun in our work is very important at Green Orange. When it comes to work, everyone here is very professional and serious. We have a sort of ‘work hard, play hard’ culture. We give our employees a lot of freedom in their work. Your own development depends on yourself. You get all the space to learn and improve. The employees can decide their own pace at which they do that. It is a nice place where you can develop and grow while working for great clients. When it comes to new colleagues, it is important to see how they want to make a contribution based on their expertise and skills. Learning about the business of our clients and the markets in which they are based and providing insights to help clients perform better.

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