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How to survive a GO weekend

2018, 09, 16

Britt Kienhuis

For 11 years now, the second weekend of September is known for the legendary GO weekend.

Colleagues of Green Orange, Online Publisher and Brandcube hop in a bus together on their way to a weekend full of fun, challenges, activities and team building. So because we’re now all great experts in going away on a weekend with colleagues and SURVIVING.. ;-) we would like to give you the following tips on how to survive a GO weekend.

1. Know your limits:
If the waterski goes one way, and you go the other: just LET GO TOM


And if you don’t know your limits, just be grateful for the experience and the “Trip” to the hospital ;-)
Don’t worry, everything turned out well

2. Choose your weapons wisely
If you are sick of a coworker, towels, brooms and mops are your best weapon of choice.


3. Expert opinion
ALWAYS listen to the experts for the greatest spots to have a beer and enjoy the scenery (Thanks Nick, Lars, Carlo & Michiel!).


4. Catch me if you can
Make sure you have someone who will catch you before you let your male coworkers lift you from the ground.


5. Boss ladies
Know that you can’t mess with the ladies of the office, because yes, they are as badass as they look!


6. #warmfeet
Comfort over style. Always.


7. Do as the locals do
Dress like the locals do, and dance like the locals do, for the ultimate Willingen experience.


8. Rules are meant to be broken
Rules don’t apply to you if your name is Tom.


9. Safety first
Be sure you always have your emergency response team ready to go for any situation.


10. Push your limits, and believe you can fly ;-)

*bonus tip: Wake up when the organization is trying to wake you ;-)
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