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Let’s GrOw!

2019, 03, 08

At Green Orange we think it is very important to share knowledge, and to ensure that our colleagues keep developing themselves. That is why today, we officially started our own academy, the GrOw Academy! A way for our digital heroes to share all their knowledge with each other by means of internal training.

There are 3 programs composed out of 17 different training courses in the field of marketing, data, technology and project management. The subjects for these courses were partly suggested by the organisation, and completed with new subjects that are necessary to keep evolving and improve our skills.

All the courses are provided by our experienced colleagues of Green Orange and WePublish. These colleagues followed a training by Orange8, in which they learned all the tips and tricks for giving a great training.

Subject-specific and cross-subject

Courses are either focused on hard skills, like how to perform data analysis and how to make data visualisations, but also cross-subject competences like consultancy, customer focus, and project management. In this way we ensure that everybody has a certain knowledge level in the field of digital, but also has the right competences.

A kickstart to new and existing colleagues!

The combination of subject-specific courses and cross-subject competences, gives a kickstart to new and existing colleagues! When a participant has completed all the courses within a track, he or she is officially GrOw Academy certified as Data Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant or Project Manager.

What’s Next?

In the near future we will not limit the GrOw Academy to our own team, but will also open it to the public by providing training to anyone interested. Because we want to help others to make their own business perform even better in the field of digital, data, technology and marketing.

Want to know more, or be part of the next courses as individual, team or organisation? Contact Marije on

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