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Green Orange wins Golden DIA award in the Data category!

2019, 06, 30

Vera Engelbertink

The Dutch Interactive Awards (DIA) are the awards for the very best interactive work by Dutch makers. The DIAs are organized by Emerce and DDA. The awards have been awarded annually since 2010.

In the Data category we have won the golden DIA award for our case together with our partner Quality Wellnessresorts. Other nominees in the same category were De Jong Intravakanties, Feyenoord, Vitence Mobility and Stage Entertainment! So it's a nice reward for our work and proof that by using insights from customer data in a personal communication strategy, the personal and premium guest experience is experienced both online and offline.


Quality Wellnessresorts (Thermen Bussloo, Thermen Soesterberg, Thermen Berendonck and Thermen Bad Nieuweschans) is a leader in the premium wellness industry in the Netherlands. In a highly competitive, price-sensitive market, Quality Wellnessresorts chooses not to go along with the price fighters, but to use their data to create a strategic focus. By translating visitor data into segments, recommendations and extracting the right insights from data, it is proven that a smart data strategy can lead to an increase in guests, more relevant propositions and the realization of an ultimate 9+ guest experience.

This case was awarded because the data strategy was fully implemented in all business operations and the follow-up of leads is exceptionally personal. It is a nice mix between good planning, attracting the right people and offering an optimal customer experience.

Ultimate optimization of business operations.

You can read the entire case here (in Dutch):
And of course you can read the full case of Quality Wellness resorts here:

Want to know more about this case or our data services & solutions? Get in touch with Jon!

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