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Green Orange. Our story

2019, 01, 31

Nienke Bruggeman

And we’re live! Live with our new brand style & identity. Wow. Really happy with the result we’ve been working on from behind the scenes for so long. From day 1 we are known as a digital marketing agency and it was time to freshen things up a bit. A complete change? Definitely not. But we have been busy in the past few years, developed as an agency and we want to express that. Proud of GO and our team who are there for our clients every day. Read more…

Known from
The last 3 years we have been number 1 in the Emerce100 as best digital campaign agency of the Netherlands. This year exactly 15 years ago that was the core of our business and therefore a great confirmation of our expertise. So far, so good:)

The story of the green orange
The core of Green Orange. We have given that a good thought. The core of the green orange. Have you ever given that a good thought? Contrary to what you might think… a green orange is at its ripest. I doesn’t get much better. Maximum light absorption, maximum nutrition to grow. A green orange peaks like never before.

We thought this was a great metaphor. It is exactly what we do every day. Enabling our clients to peak by providing new insights based on data and digital solutions. What the sun is to green oranges, are data insights and digital roadmaps to our clients. Essential to peak and grow!

Digital Business Partner
The core business of Green Orange, or GO for short, is still digital. But the green peel is more than just marketing performance, it is business performance. We are at our best in the role of digital business partner. We are experts in the process of making our clients future-proof and getting them from ambition to results & growth in a smart way. No thick reports, but strategic thinking & doing! In the past few years we have developed a full range of services with which we can enhance the business performance of our clients. We call it Digital as a Service.

Customer results
With this in mind, we are creating results as a digital partner, for and together with our clients. The questions are very diverse. For BP we have decreased their time-to-market significantly by digitizing technical processes, implementing custom software solutions and KPI management. And for Quality Wellness Resorts we have developed a digital strategy and roadmap, with customer segmentation and predictive modelling as a starting point, enabling them to offer their guests a premium and personalized online experience. Thus, we offer solutions in the complete digital ecosystem, informed by data and combined with the expertise and experience of our digital heroes and efficient work method. Always with the goal to improve the results of our clients.

We are already business partner for BP, Erasmus, Topicus, QWR, Future Crops, Air BP, Spotta and Pure Energie. For our cases and complete overview visit our website.

'Just offering a solution is not good enough for us. We want to contribute. Be valuable."

In order to fulfil our ambition and role as partner, the development of our own people, digital innovation and social impact are very important at Green Orange. Just offering a solution is not good enough for us. We want to contribute. Be valuable. We call it future-proof your business. Our collaboration with Erasmus MC is a good example of that. With digital and data solution, in the role as process leader, we are going to innovate healthcare. Better diagnoses, better care for the patient.

A great example of one of our clients who is ready to make a ‘dent in the universe’, is Future Crops. A agri-tech company that has spend years on improving and optimizing their technique and products to grow herbs in the most sustainable way, free of pesticides or other chemicals. “Growing as close to nature are possible”, as Future Crops describe themselves. And now they are ready to conquer the world with their beautiful line of product for which Green Orange is their Digital Partner. Making a dent in the universe, together.

Want to know more?
Want to know more about Green Orange, our services contact us of follow us by signing up for our newsletter! We love to tell you more about our digital partnerships, work methods and maturity scan.

Don’t want to wait for that? On our new website you will find some of our business cases on which we have worked successfully the past few years.

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