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Green Orange number 1 in Emerce100

2017, 04, 15

The secret behind the best Online Campaign Agency in the Netherlands.

Green Orange from Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, has secured a first place in the Emerce100 for the second year in a row. In this annual edition of Emerce, decision makers working in the field of digital marketing, ICT and e-business assess the performance of service providers in the e-business and marketing sector in the past year. Last year, Green Orange received another five-star rating in the ‘Internet Agencies Online Campaigns’ category, but this year it has already increased to five and a half stars. Onward & upward!

“Our approach is paying off”, says Commercial Director of Green Orange, Maarten Evertzen. “Our philosophy is, on one hand, that we must anticipate our customers when it comes to knowledge and innovation, and on the other hand, that we need to be as relevant as possible for the end user by making intelligent use of data. We then ensure that our customers are able to maintain the services provided and be successful, so that they do not become dependant on us. The fact that our data-drive, customer-oriented approach takes first place in the Emerce100 for the second year in a row is of course a very nice recognition.”

The number of specialists and providers is the e-business marketing is growing explosively. Last year 414 companies were judged on their performance in the Emerce100, an increase of nearly fifty percent compared to the previous year. This year no less than 478 companies participated. “A big compliment to end up in first place again.” says Evertzen. “In this fast-growing marketing it is not easy to stand out among all the competition. Gree Orange is a digital first agency and data is the core of our methods. It is good to see that the market is also making the move towards data-driven. Our secret is that we have been doing this for more than twelve years, it is in our DNA. From day one, we took data as a starting point instead of a ‘big idea’ and with that we distinguish ourselves in the e-business market compared to other agencies.”


How Green Orange Works

Green Orange personalizes the communication of their customers based on a 360 degree customer profile. For example, it looks through which channels, at what moments and what types of devices people use to visit a website. All these different data sources are linked together to create profiles with which we can segment very precisely. This is done automatically and in real time, with both internal and external data. For example, we measure the influence of the weather on bookings or the difference in purchasing behavior in different seasons. This way Green Orange can bring the data of companies together with their marketing objectives precisely and even predict what the market will do. With this data-driven method, our clients can run campaigns real-time and adjust them according to external influences, which can positively influence the success of a campaign.

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