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Employee in the spotlight: Sabrina!

2019, 03, 01

Meet the team of Green Orange! Who are our digital heroes and what are their interests? With these series of interviews we put our employees in the spotlight! Let’s Go!

I’m Sabrina, 28 years old and I’ve been working at Green Orange for two years now. Since then I’ve been busy with the projects for companies like BP! Very nice projects and our team has grown a lot the past years. I used to be a project manager but I got promoted to being a accountmanager.

How did you end up at Green Orange? After I moved to Enschede, I was searching for a place to work nearby. Than this job offer came online at Green Orange, and the first thing that came to my mind was; that’s something for me! In between all the renovations in our new house, I was invited for a job interview and got hired! I couldn’t wait to start at Green Orange!


What are your work activities? Most of the time I’m the link between the development teams and the international clients. My focus is on technical developments to contribute to the processes of the client. Every day is a challenge, but I really like that!

What do you like most about your work at Green Orange? For me, thinking along with clients about their process in particular, and how we can continuously improve and automate their process, is a huge motivation. The translation into technical possibilities and to switch between scrum teams, gives me a boost and that stimulates me to go to work happy everyday.

Since I’ve been working at Green Orange, I started to think in English instead of Dutch.

Why is working at Green Orange so much fun? First of all, my colleagues, who organize a lot after work activities. For example, the annual GO-trip or going out for lunch, Fitober and a lot of exciting activities. A really nice way to be in contact with colleagues from other teams. But also a great way to learn from each other.

Any hobbies? When I’m not working, I like to be creative. I am very interested in photography, interior, Do-It-Yourselfs and gardening. After a whole week sitting behind a desk it is really nice to work with your hands and just relax for a moment.

Do you have a ‘guilty pleasure’? Chocolate, especially with caramel. And to make it even better, in combination with a fantasy book or movie!

Describe yourself in 3 words: Open, Eager to learn and helpful!

Fun Fact Since I’ve been working at Green Orange, I started to think in English instead of Dutch.

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