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Employee in the spotlight: Britt!

2019, 03, 22

Meet the team of Green Orange! Who are our digital heroes and what are their interests? With these series of interviews we put our employees in the spotlight! Let’s GO!

Hi! My name is Britt, Office Manager at Green Orange and WePublish (best of both worlds). I am 27 years old. I live in Enschede with my boyfriend Daan and i’m originally from Almelo.

How did you end up at Green Orange? An old colleague of mine already worked at Green Orange and he sent me some open vacancies at GO. He said "I think that you would fit in perfectly." And he was right!

What are your work activities? I make sure that everything at GO and WP is arranged, so that my colleagues can focus on their own work.I organize the legendary GO weekends with (too) much energy, I make sure that there is a fresh lunch every day, walk around as a disguised system administrator when a screen or docking doesn’t work and I make sure our guests feel welcome when they visit us.

Besides that I make the best coffee and I keep an eye on the fact that the building and the garden is neat and tidy. But also that my colleagues are happy, if there is something wrong, or if they have a question about anything, they can always come to me and we will search for a solution. I can go on for hours because it’s too much to mention but that makes my work so much fun.


What do you like most about your work? If I can make other people laugh, it instantly makes me smile too! I like taking care of other people and organizing things, that gives me a big energy boost. My ultimate moment of happiness is when everything runs smoothly and I know I made that happen.

My ultimate moment of happiness is when everything runs smoothly

What makes working at Green Orange and WePublish so much fun? Green Orange and WePublish are the greatest companies to work at because we have the best colleagues. I am convinced that nice colleagues are one of the most important factors in a good working company. Besides that, numerous things are arranged for you to get to know your colleagues better besides work and build cool memories with each other. Also you’ll get a lot of freedom and the opportunity to grow and that makes Green Orange a beautiful company to work at.

Any other hobbies? I really like photography, love gardening and riding my motorcycle. On the weekends I do a lot of construction work with my parents.

Do you have a Guilty Pleasure? Oh hell yes. Practically all songs from the 80's. Especially Whitney Houston or ABBA. I can’t sit still when songs like those are playing!

Describe yourself in 3 words: Positive, Helpful, Organizer

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