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DDMA data day 2016 - Be Relevant!

2016, 11, 15

Loraine Nijhuis

On November 10, DDMA organised the Data Day 2016 – Be Relevant! A day completely dedicated to data driven marketing and practical applications.

The Customer Data Award was awarded the night before the event. The winner, Vakmedianet, made a very good case about how they offer the right subject information at the right moment to their readers. A deserved victory. A well done and very complete story. Not just about the technological application, but also about the internal transformation.

In addition to awarding the Customer Data Award and the accompanying keynotes, I was also part of the list of speakers in the parallel sessions. A true honour and very amazing to be able to do! An impression of the day can be found here.

The blogs at Frankwatching, and in particular my blog “Relevant for your client in 4 steps” were the reason for DDMA to approach me for this event. The latter blog therefore formed the guiding line for my story which I have described below in several short take-aways. Further on there is the link to the video made during my session!

Mapping data

To be able to work data driven it is important to map all your data sources. Both internally and externally. What systems are you using and what external sources are of value to you? Think for example of demographical sources, for example of the CBS. But also external sources which are less obvious for your objective can be very valuable.


Customer Profiles & Purchase Phases

Identify the right customer profiles for your marketing strategy or company. Are these the classical profiles like Explorer or Believer, etc.? Or are these on the other hand own created profiles, and if so, what are the characteristics that accompany them?

In addition to the profiles, you will map the purchase phases, so from orientation phase to evaluation phase.


Data driven action

If the steps listed above have been completed, you can already identify new and existing customers on the basis of data (patterns) and algorithms. Every client will result in a 360-degree client profile. These can then be classified in segments, which you can then relevantly approach in different ways and touchpoints.

In practice, different actions can be conceived. Both small ones and larger ones.


Are you curious? Then you can have a look at some examples in this video of my presentation.

Of course I will gladly help you get on course! So if you have any questions…. feel free to contact me.

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