A sprint in the life of Sabrina
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A sprint in the life of Sabrina

2019, 07, 10

Sabrina Drosten

Sometimes you have these moments in life when you are proud as a project manager on what you have achieved with your team. Last week I had one of these moments.

We launched a project that started as an idea of our own in 2018. For this project we created a proof of concept and pitched it to our client. Our goal: removing all the 30 hardcoded forms that were created over the past few years and implement one uniform way that would enable the possibility to support all these forms. However, this needed to be implemented in the existing CMS system, maintained by admin users. It would give the flexibility to quickly make changes to the forms without needing to wait for a release window. Quite a challenge!

After we got the sign off for the project, we investigated the best approach. We were already aware that making changes to the forms could lead to an impact on the processing of the forms. Also, changing all the forms at once would be quite a challenge from a testing and releasing perspective. Therefore we decided to create a pilot group with a few forms and involved specifically the users who would maintain these forms for testing.

Also, what is required for our admin users to set up these forms themselves in different languages? And how do we make sure these users do not have to create html/css in order for them to show a field as a text input field, a dropdown or even a checkbox… yes, all of this should be configurable.

When the approach was decided, we started the development. As we always take an Agile approach in our development, we created a backlog with all the user stories and prioritised them. After each sprint (2 boxed weeks of development) we could test the features and continue with the following stories. With each sprint, the idea became more visible and started to show what it was capable of!

Last week, after intensive testing, we had our GO-live moment. The entire team was excited to see the first few forms being filled in quickly afterwards. A really awesome moment! So we can’t wait until the other forms will be taken over by our uniform approach.

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