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Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival
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Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival


At least 100.000 paying visitors


Over 100.000 tickets sold


Online Campaign Strategy
Measuring Online Channels
Campaign Optimization

Over 100.000 visitors enjoyed ice sculptures made out of more than 500.000 kilo snow and ice, the Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival is the biggest ice sculpture festival of The Netherlands. The greatest ice artists from all over the world have put together the most beautiful ice sculptures imaginable.


Green Orange was presented with the challenge to create an online marketing campaign that would result in at least 100.000 paying visitors.

We’ve created a campaign strategy based on actual results and data, instead of gut feeling. Analyses were made based on existing data and trends, to determine the base of the campaign. Next, we weekly analysed and optimized the campaign, based on newly obtained data and the resulting learnings.

Prior to the campaign we determined how all the different channels could be measured in a uniform way, so we could get insights in the contribution and return on investment (ROI) per channel. With these insights we were able to make better use of the available budget. Therefore we also created the possibility to measure the offline channels as well.

By continuously measuring, monitoring and optimizing, the goals, over 100.000 sold tickets, staying within budget and preserve margin on the selling price were largely met. Also, additional insights were obtained, which can be used for the next edition of the event. This will then enable us to create a seamless integration of the online and offline ticket sales.


Besides the tasks we agreed upon, Green Orange has proactively advised about other website optimizations, the pricing strategy and the use of discounts. This was being appreciated by Eric Boekaart, managing director and owner of the Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival:


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Lead Business Development
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Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival




Online Campaign Strategy
Measuring Online Channels
Campaign Optimization