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Green Orange is their partner in digital strategy and the optimal use of their online channels for their brand Silvana Support. For several years, Silvana has been running a campaign every fall, for which we provide the online campaigning. How do we ensure that each campaign performs better than the last?


Green Orange was given the challenge of setting up online advertising for the Silvana Support autumn campaign (the best neck-supporting pillows). The goal was two-folded: ensure a positive image of the Silvana brand, and generate sales by sending visitors to the point-of-sale locator on the website.

To ensure that each campaign performs better than the previous one, it is necessary to set up a thorough campaign plan to make sure that the process of measuring, analyzing and learning is guaranteed.

By taking the achieved results into account for the follow-up campaign, we have already acquired the first optimisations before the start of the campaign. We have also continuously monitored and, where necessary, adjusted to maximize the results.

The results of the first campaign were so positive that we were asked to also take on the follow-up campaign. With the learnings from the previous campaign, the new campaign performed better in all aspects: more sessions, longer session duration, lower bounce rate and 76% more clicks at the point-of-sale locator. And that was achieved with 9% less campaign budget.


Besides campaigns, Green Orange also advises Silvana on their online marketing efforts & channels such as website optimization and effective use of their customer journey, to which we have provided insights using customer journey mapping. Via this method, we know exactly on what we have to focus at what time and where opportunities lie for Silvana to service their customers even better.

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Tom Baake
Projectmanager Digital
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Ducky Dons


2018 - present


Campaign strategy
Measure & analyze
Campaign management