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BP Fuel cards
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BP Fuel cards


Shortening the application time of a BP Fuel card


Decreased lead time from 30 to 6 days


Technical process optimization
KPI management
Custom software

What started as a first step towards digitalization of the BP Fuel Cards application process for businesses 10 years ago, has grown to become a central solution in 8 European countries.


The initial process of applying for a BP Fuel Card took an average 30 days; from filling in the printed application form to receiving the actual card in your post box. Therefore, BP asked Green Orange to come up with a digital solution that would allow them to make sure their clients received their fuel card faster. Ten years later we have done so, and more.

We started with digitising the paper form into an online application form. But that was just the beginning. The Online Application Form (OAF) quickly became a big success because of the relatively simple software used. To be able to built a scalable and sustainable solution for all European countries to benefit from, it was imperative to create a central system that could interface with other business critical systems in the cycle to approve card orders.

Understanding the need of BP business and partnering with their team, Green Orange continued to develop the custom software solution, implementing interfaces with 9 of BPs critical systems. A few of the implemented interface within BP OAFs landscape are Siebel, Cardex and SAP. Every system within the entire digital workflow is equally important for an application to get improved. Once all systems were connected, BP and Green Orange moved forward to automate and optimize the OAF in and for more European Countries. Once the automated workflow was in place, OAF’s position within BP’s landscape became an indispensable solution. By centralizing the complete application process, making sure all necessary client information and data is in one central location, it allows IT, sales & marketing teams to work together to serve their clients better.


BP and Green Orange have been working to improve the IT processes and custom software for years. Every major release resulted in a decrease in the application time of days. After our first big roll out, the application time was between 10 and 15 days. After the second major roll out the application time was between 6 and 10 days. Now, we can proudly say that most applications are approved and send within 6 days in 8 European countries, enabling BP to serve their clients better and faster. Our work still continues in shortening the application time, improving business KPI results and IT processes.

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Sabrina Drosten
Projectmanager Digital | Tech
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BP Fuel Cards


Technical process optimization
KPI management
Custom software