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Quality Wellnessresorts

Quality Wellnessresorts


Personal communication to create a premium guest experience


32% increase in conversion


Strategy & roadmap
Customer segmentation
Predictive modelling

Quality Wellnessresorts is leading in the premium wellness branch, with four locations in the Netherlands: Thermen Bussloo, Thermen Soesterberg, Thermen Berendonck & Fontana Bad Nieuweschans.

Their mission is to offer each guest a personal and premium 9+ experience, both offline as well as online.


With their outstanding resorts and services offline, this experience is already extremely high. To us the challenge to translate that experience into a full data strategy in all digital touchpoints!

In order to create a personal experience, it is key to better understand the guest behaviour of different guest types. We therefore analysed Quality Wellnessresorts' complete database to find correlations between behaviour patterns and guest types.

Actionable guest segments were created based on this segmentation analyses by real-time clustering on i.e. frequency of visits, amount spend, preferred communication channels and travel distance. By mapping these insights to the guest segments and the business challenges, the value of data science became clear and remains a strong pillar in digitally transforming the Quality Wellnessresort business.


The insights into the guest segments offer, make it possible to know how to use predictive modelling. In other words, when to send which offer to what guest?. To proof the value of data insights, Quality Wellnessresorts and Green Orange implemented a segmented email marketing pilot.

The pilot consisted out of a newsletter with specifically designed dynamic content per guest segment and one group receiving the general static newsletter in order to make a comparison. The results were stunning in this early stage; the segmented e-mail achieved an 32% increase in conversion rate in comparison to the static e-mails.


The successful pilot gave the leverage to unfold a data-driven business strategy that is being implemented, optimized and renewed every day. Real-time monitoring with smart dashboards makes it possible for the teams of Quality Wellnessresorts to know what should be done to strive for that 9+ guest experience every day, giving them insights into the performance of their marketing efforts, guest segments & overall business performance.

A partner where Green Orange takes pride in, one that understand the value of data driven strategies and is embracing the value of insights to future-proof their business.

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Doreen Tijdhof
Account Director
06 34 97 59 99


Quality Wellnessresorts


Strategy & roadmap
Customer segmentation
Predictive modelling